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PLEASE NOTE: Swan Isle Press regrets that, due to the volume of submissions, we can no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. We will retain our submission guidelines on this page till we can begin accepting letters of inquiry once again.

Thank your for your interest in publishing your work with Swan Isle Press.

While Swan Isle Press welcomes letters of inquiry, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Letters of inquiry should include:

  • a synopsis of the work with table of contents;
  • the current number of pages or expected length;
  • number of illustrations or images;
  • a brief statement regarding intended readers; and
  • a curriculum vitae including previous publications.

Authors may also provide the first chapter or the first twenty pages of their work. Poets may send three poems. For works in translation, in prose or poetry, it is preferred that the work in the original language is submitted as well as the translation.

All letters and manuscript excerpts should be sent in a printed (hardcopy) version. Please do not send letters of inquiry, correspondence or files via email. Do not include electronic files with hardcopy. Materials sent via registered or return receipt requested mail requiring signature will not be accepted.

Due to the volume of letters of inquiry and proposals the Press receives, we are not able to return letters, sample chapters, images, artwork, or unsolicited manuscripts. Therefore, please do not send originals or complete manuscripts. Although the Press tries to respond to all letters of inquiry, we ask your patience as it may take several months for a reply. Please do not call to check on the status of your query or manuscript. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope only for a letter of response, and no SASE for return of manuscripts or other collateral materials, as we cannot assure return based on postage provided or postal service.

Send letters of inquiry to:

Swan Isle Press
℅ University of Chicago Press/Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60628